Shire Green Roof Substrates Ltd

Shire Drainage Layer 0-20LWA

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Product Description

Lightweight expanded clay aggregate


  • Green roof drainage layer (FLL)
  • Geotechnical and Civil Engineering Projects
  • Horticulture, including planters
Technical Information (Typical)
Size: Sieve Size (mm) % passing Shire minerals Drainage Layer 0-20LWA 
20 100
16 95
14 82
12.5 76
  10 53
8 26
6.3 9
5 2
pH value: 6.5 - 7.5
Dry Loose Bulk Density 320 kg/m3
Dry Density after compaction 353 kg/m3
Particle Density 550 kg/m3
Typical Moisture % ww 0 – 20%
Packaging: Supplied bulk tipper, in multi trip 1 m3 Big bags or 50 ltr sacks

The above information is issued in good faith and without warranty and is intended as a guide only. The information comprises typical data and does not constitute a specification. Specification values are available separately upon request.

The Manufacturing Process

Shire LWA is produced by a sophisticated pyrogenic technology whereby clay is expanded in a rotary kiln at a specifically controlled temperature and rate of flow. Each individual clay nodule is composed of hundreds of minute air cells contained within a hard, strong, ceramic shell. As an aggregate it is incredibly light, strong, totally inert and when used in block production, transfers the same benefits giving excellent thermal, acoustic, strength and fire resistance characteristics.

Typical Chemical Analysis %
Silica 60
Alumina 20
Ferric Oxide 8
Calcium Oxide 3
Magnesia 3
Sulphuric Oxide 0.5
Potassium Oxide 3
Titanium Oxide 1
L.O.I. <0.5
Others 1